Qué bonito amor Capítulo 5 Avances

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Avances Qué bonito amor Capítulo 5 Telenovelas. Don’t forget to watch your favorite soap opera that will air Viernes 26 de Octubre 2012 on your screen. Enjoy a relaxing time with your family while watching your favorite telenovela. And don’t forget tomorrow to attend the next episode so that you understand and are not confused to follow these telenovelas.

Sinopsis Qué bonito amor Telenovelas : Que Bonito Amor! is the story of a love unlike any other, framed by the most beloved Mexican traditions, highlighting one of the most representative icons of our culture: Mariachi music.

The story begins when we meet Santos Martinez de las Garzas (Jorge Salinas), a handsome and carefree millionaire who owns a car dealership. Santos is deceived by his closest associates, including Bruno (Sergio Mayer), his friend and boyfriend of her sister, Wendy (Susana Diazáyas). Santos is seen in the need to escape from Los Angeles, California to Mexico City, Mexico, D.F. as a fugitive, to be charged with fraud and money laundering. This situation forces him to take on a new personality, a Mariachi named Jorge Alfredo Vargas.

At the same time we meet Maria Rosario Mendoza Garcia (Danna Garcia), humble neighborhood girl, beautiful and brave, who lives with her widowed mother, Amalia Garcia vda. de Mendoza (Angelica Maria), and her two younger sisters: Paloma (Renata Notni), who is about to turn 15, and Isabel (Karyme Hernandez) for eight years. Maria has had to work since her father, Pedro, died and has to raise her family as Amalia suffers a degenerative disease, so she is the sole support of his family.

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